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Although there are certainly circumstances which may recommend the use of Living Trusts (sometimes called Inter Vivos Trusts, Grantor Trusts or Settlor Trusts), Mr. Porritt has been an advocate of the use of Simple Wills where they are sufficient to accomplish clients’ intended disposition of their assets. Michigan’s Unsupervised Probate administration rules have greatly streamlined the procedures and reduced costs attendant to probate. Indeed, it is difficult to justify the high expense of setting up a complicated Living Trust and the inconvenience of maintaining it for the balance of a client’s life for the supposed purpose of “avoiding probate”.

The forms utilized in administering an estate through probate are preprinted and easily understood. The Unsupervised procedures do not require court appearances. Nor do the rules compel the Personal Representative to seek court approval of the sale, disposition or distribution of estate assets. No formal accountings need be filed with the court. Should the need arise Mr. Porritt can assist your family and representatives from the initiation through the closing.

Mr. Porritt assist hundreds of clients with the preparation of the estate planning documents such as Simple Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Designations of Patient Advocates. A Simple Will can carry out your wishes for the disposition of your estate upon your demise. It can allow for a testamentary trust to be set up if your children are still in need of protection and accessing of their eventual inheritance for those limited purposes you designate. You can even establish a “pet trust” for the care of your animal companions after you have passed.

Durable power of attorney forms allow clients appoint a person to administer their affairs in the event they are unable to do so themselves, without the need of court appointed guardians or conservators. Designations of patient Advocates similarly allow for the appointment of person to make known to doctors and hospitals the course and nature of your medical care and treatment (inclusive of the refusal or cessation of heroic artificial means) if you are unable to make your wishes known yourself.

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